Evidence-Based Progress For Mid Missouri

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“It’s long past time our representatives fight for the needs of all Missourians and not just big-money donors and special interests.”


Supporting Missouri Farmers

Family farms are the heart and soul of Mid-Missouri, but international interests have purchased our legislators and threaten to force many Missouri farmers out of business. I will fight alongside local farmers to protect their lands and the environment from corporate takeover, and I vow to advocate for sensible farming and environmental policies at the state and local level.

Investing in Public Education

Every child is entitled to a quality education regardless of social or economic status. My vision to expand early childhood education, fully fund public K-12 programs, increase teacher pay and benefits, and support our public institutions of higher education will ensure Missouri’s children will excel no matter where life takes them.

Defending Workers Rights

Workers have labor unions to thank for the 5-day, 40-hour work week, required break and lunch periods, mandatory vacation and sick leave, and many of the other benefits we take for granted today. I will fully always fully support workers’ right to unionize and bargain. It is essential to the economic freedom of the working and middle class.

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