Policies That Work for Mid-Missouri


Family farms are the heart and soul of Mid-Missouri, but because of corporate takeover and abuse of power, farmers are paying inflated prices on the supplies they buy and seeing lower profits on the products they sell. The result is that the rural middle-class is dwindling and rural communities are disappearing before our eyes.

Politicians in Jefferson City recently stripped our counties of the ability to control their own environmental standards for agriculture, opening the floodgates to foreign corporations who seek to pollute our air, poison our drinking water, and send profits out of the US. This is a slap in the face to family farms that have been the backbone of our community for centuries.

Our nation prospers when the law of supply and demand is able to work as intended. Our current legislators are selling out independent family farms and putting the health and well-being of our communities at stake. My vision to #SaveMOFarms includes:

  • Restoring competitive agricultural markets
  • Empowering family farmers by supporting agricultural cooperatives
  • Protecting local control of environmental standards for agriculture
  • Demanding audits for state-level checkoff program


An investment in our children is an investment in the future of Missouri, but our current public education system is quickly falling behind neighboring states. Our teachers have some of the lowest salaries in the country, school districts are moving to 4-day school weeks at an alarming rate, and Missourians are being forced to raise their property taxes to finance their schools because our lawmakers prefer to manipulate the funding formula for our schools rather than provide our children with the tools they need to succeed.

Regardless of whether your child attends Clarksburg or Columbia school district, they deserve a quality education. As your representative, I will work to formulate state policies that benefit all of our children. My platform to #SaveMOKids includes:

  • Opposing budget cuts to public K-12 programs
  • Raising wages and retaining pensions for Missouri teachers
  • Opposing private school voucher programs
  • Expanding early childhood education
  • Investing in Missouri’s public colleges and universities
  • Enacting sensible firearm policies for K-12 and higher education institutions
  • Advocating for stronger Title IX provisions to support victims of assault and harassment

Check back soon for more policy information!