Policies To Believe In

Supporting Missouri Farmers

Family farms are the heart and soul of Mid-Missouri, but international interests have purchased our legislators and threaten to force many Missouri farmers out of business. I will fight alongside local farmers to protect their lands and the environment from corporate takeover, and I vow to advocate for sensible farming and environmental policies at the state and local level.

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Investing in Public Education

Every child is entitled to a quality education regardless of social or economic status. My vision to expand early childhood education, fully fund public K-12 programs, increase teacher pay and benefits, and support our public institutions of higher education will ensure Missouri’s children will excel no matter where life takes them.

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Our system is keeping working people sick and wealthy insurance investors rich. When your child is sick, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether you can afford a doctor visit.

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Defending Workers' Rights

Labor unions have given us the 5-day, 40-hour work week, required break and lunch periods, mandatory vacation and sick leave, and many of the other benefits we take for granted today. I will always fully support worker's rights, unions and collective bargaining, and prevailing wage. These worker protections are essential to the economic freedom of the working and middle class.

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