Supporting Missouri Farmers

Family farms are the heart and soul of Mid-Missouri, but because of corporate takeover and abuse of power, farmers are paying inflated prices on the supplies they buy and seeing lower profits on the products they sell.

My vision to #SaveMOFarms includes:

  • Protecting local control of environmental standards for agriculture
  • Restoring competitive agricultural markets
  • Empowering family farmers by supporting agricultural cooperatives

Reinstating Local Control

In 2019, with SB 391, our legislators stripped local control of agriculture from our counties. This opened the floodgates to foreign and out-of-state corporations to buy up Missouri land, because Missouri has some of the most lax agriculture requirements in the country. This is both a blessing and a curse for our farmers. On one hand, family farmers can work unhindered by government gridlock and oversight; however, much of the damage caused by unregulated agriculture has nothing to do with our smaller local farms and instead only benefits massive factory operations.

The fact is, our Missouri farmers know that taking care of their land, water, and air quality is vital to a sustainable operation. They live here. They breath the air and drink the water. Their children play in the creeks and run through the fields. Their crops rely on quality soilThis decision was a slap in the face to family farmers that have been the backbone of our communities for decades. Our current legislators have sold out independent family farms and put the health and well-being of our communities at stake.

The worst part is, because many of these

CEOs and fancy executive board directors don't live in our state, they have no problems with polluting our air, poisoning our drinking water, reducing our land value, and sending profits out of Missouri.

Restoring Competitive Markets

Empowering Family Farmers

Please pardon our work as we continue to develop our policy pages!

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